This page will help you in learning the basics of Sales and how to approach your customers


Since you will be selling to your local or digital network , you should not be extremely and unnaturally professional. The friends should not start calling you fake and that you have changed as a person and became very “saley”

Never Push

You should not push for sales but genuinely understand the problem of the customer and try to help them in any way possible.


Maximum time should be spent understanding the customer’s need and asking them question to know their learning pattern better.


Tell you have a solution to the customers need and tell the price upfront so its not a shock to the customer. The rest of the conversation the customer will spend in understanding the value of the product and in their head create a match if it is worth the price. You should focus on creating FOMO ( fear of missing out ) example limited seats left, and millions of people have attended this course ( factor which shows quality is great since so many TRUST it ) . Share that usually, people who don’t buy are the ones who are not “serious” enough hence unable to learn the skill / or pass the exam. Structured has its value and its most important which they will never find anywhere else.


Tell the customer that you also have an incentive by giving a limited period ( FOMO ) discount which they can only get by you. Always leave the customer by giving them power ( that, the choice to take it or not take it is in their hands. They can choose to buy or not. )