About Us

We are an Ed-Tech start-up company transforming the world of education by powering educationalists with the digital tools and resources that help them become future-ready. Our industry-first unified platform lets coaching institutes have their own app to manage all their tasks and reach lakhs of students across the country with our next-level technology.

What is Aganipat App (Classplus)?

Today, mankind creates more data every day, than what it has created cumulatively till now, counting right from the Stone Age. Welcome to the Smartphone Age! This shift has been radical than incremental. But what hasn’t diluted even a bit in these hundreds of ages is the reverence of tutelage and the constant urge to learn. We combined these two unstoppable paradigms and blended them with the Indian Coaching Market and the fledging Digital Content Creation Industry. And voila, here we are! Redefining how educators and creators teach using their own mobile apps to grow their online business.